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For more than 20 years, A.E. Services has been at the forefront of vaporizer servicing. It has justly earned an international reputation for its high quality products.

The A.E. Galaxy Vaporizer, designed and developed from a wealth of experience of all types of vaporizers, meets the needs of the anaesthetist for a vaporizer that is unquestionably safe and reliable; performs constantly and is simple and easy to handle and operate.


• Constant Output
Consistent and accurate performance over a
wide range of operating conditions
• Positive Control Dial
Large diameter dial with easy to read graduations Individually calibrated for improved accuracy.
• Interlock Safety System
The AE Galaxy Vaporizer is fitted with an integral interlock .When used with compatible manifolds and vaporizers the interlock is designed to allow only one vaporizer to turn on whilst locking off others.
• Keyed Filling
The Keyed Filling system fitted on the Galaxy
vaporizer is a specially designed unit which is easy to use and highly reliable. It is particularly effective when used in conjunction with AE's well-established and respected bottle adaptor.
• Three-Year Service Interval
The AE Galaxy vaporizer has a three-year service interval which helps to keep maintenance costs to minimal levels.

Galaxy Vaporizer


Calibrated to 5% v/v
in steps of 0.5%
Operating temperature
18 o to 35 o C
Liquid Capacity
To fill dry vaporizer - 150 ml
Retained by wicks   - 35 ml
Weight 8.6 kg (dry)
Height 224 mm
Width 104 mm
Depth 157 mm


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